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Impact Sefton Secondary Pupil Referral Unit

We expect all students to work hard and behave well.  However, we appreciate that many students are referred to IMPACT because they have barriers which affect their learning.  Inclusion is about removing these barriers.

To achieve this aim, IMPACT has a team of staff to support these students in removing the barriers.  The team includes 5 Learning Mentors with specific responsibilities to monitor attendance, to support Children Looked After, to access and act as Lead Professional in Common Aseessment Framework interventions and a dedicated Home/School Liaison officer.  Students have intensive support to achieve on work experience and a mentor dedicated to working with students who have difficulties with reading.  We are fortunate to have a separate team of 4 Higher Teaching Assistants and 7 Teaching Assistants who provide very effective support in the classroom, in individual support programmes and anger management.  We have a full time counselling service to support families and pupils.