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KS3 History

KS3 History – Curriculum Aims

Impact’s history curriculum uses enquiry questions to build up meaningful substantive knowledge, which builds on one another, across a series of lessons and develops pupils’ disciplinary thinking. In order to provide pupils with the flexibility to engage with the curriculum, in the way that is most useful to them, our enquiries are relatively short (4–6 lessons) and self-contained. This also allows pupils who join us throughout the year to engage more readily.

We want Impact’s history lessons to support all our pupils. Our lessons are pitched so that all pupils can experience an early sense of success. Our enquiries are intended to build pupil knowledge gradually. Focusing each lesson sequence on a clear enquiry question provides scope for building to a substantial final piece of work, where knowledge can be checked.  Our worksheets are written in a style which minimises potential barriers to comprehension. Where possible, activities will either be modelled or sample answers will be given after work is complete so that pupils can develop an understanding of good historical writing.