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School Meals

We provide free school meals to all pupils at both the Oakfield and Dale Acre site. 

CH&Co provides the catering service for the Oakfield site, Formby and Sefton Catering provides the catering for the Dale Acre site, Netherton.  There is a wider selection of goods available, including two hot meal options, salad and pasta boxes, freshly baked baguettes and sandwiches. We have included their 3 week menu below.

We are dedicated to helping children develop a healthy eating lifestyle and to ensure they get the necessary energy and nutrition they need across the school day. 

If your child does not want the food option available, please ensure they are sent to school with a packed lunch as pupils are not able to leave the school grounds during lunchtime. 

Pupils will continue to be provided with a school meal at the alternative provision sites, again they can bring their own lunch when they attend off site provision.

All our meal provision complies with the Food Standards Guidance as set by the Department for Education. Further guidance and information can be found here

If you think you may be eligible for free school meals, please go to for further information and to apply.