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KS4 Curriculum

Key Stage 4 Curriculum

In Key Stage 4, we provide a broad, ambitious and inclusive curriculum that prepares students for a variety of post-16 opportunities and enables them to develop the life-long learning skills that are required by colleges and employers. We aim to deliver a personalised curriculum for every child that is suited to their abilities, interests and needs. The pathway that each student takes will be based on consultation between students, parents and carers, class teachers and members of the Senior Leadership Team. Discussions will focus on the suitability and demands of each subject.

At Impact School:

  • Students complete a curriculum that leads to a range of choices and opportunities for post-16 study.
  • All students have the opportunity to study an academic curriculum and achieve the Functional Skills or GCSE qualifications.
  • We provide vocational and career-focused learning, incorporating technical courses and a personalised curriculum.