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Impact Sefton Secondary Pupil Referral Unit

1. Create a revision timetable and stick to it!

Schedule a revision timetable with breaks for each day of the week. Make sure you take 1 day off per week - you'll come back to revising all refreshed!

2. Tell your family about your revision timetable

Your parents / guardians only worry when they're not sure on what you are doing or if you don't seem to have a plan. You won't get any 'hassle' provided you are following your agreed timetable.

3. Revise is a way that works for you.

Some people revise well by doing past papers. Past papers can be found on the events calendar - click on the exam that you are revising and follow the link to the past papers. If you struggle finding them, speak to your subject teacher or Shelley Muldoon who can print a selection of past papers off for you.

Time yourself accordingly and hand your completed paper back to your subject teacher for marking and feedback.

4. Organise your time well to help fulfil your potential

Keep bullet points on cards highlighting main subject theories and use these for quick revision and reading during 'down' times - for example waiting for a bus.

5. Ask your family and teachers for help if you need it.

Everyone wants you to do well and will help if you need it. Pupils are encouraged to speak to teachers at the PRU if they find themselves struggling with anything.

6. Check your exam details

Know where your exams are and when they start, how long they are, what equipment you are allowed to take in and what you are not allowed to taken in (mobiles, notes, MP3 players)

7. Prepare items needed for the exam the evening before

The Pupil Referral Service provide all equipment for exams, however you will be expected to attend the exams wearing your uniform. Ensure you uniform is ready the night before, you don't want to waste time in the morning looking for your school shoes or tie!

8. Look after yourself

During the exam period a good routine and healthy eating are really important. Ensure you eat and sleep properly. Now is not the time to diet or stay up late. Have an early night before each exam.

9. On the Morning of the exam

Have a good breakfast, stay calm and allow plenty of time to get to the exam.

10. Try your best

Remember that you can only do your best and even if you don't do as well as you'd hoped you should still be proud and happy with yourself!