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Impact Sefton Secondary Pupil Referral Unit

A group of our students were  privileged to attend a visit to Altcourse Prison in Liverpool last week.  Accompanied by PC Proudfoot the students experienced realistic a day at a working prison.

This involved seeing how visitors are searched on entry, wearing Visitors’ passes at all times, and being escorted by Prison Officers to the various parts of the prison. The students were able to gain a unique insight behind the normally closed doors of the prison and visit workshop area, living accommodation (cell block) and the college: where they watched an interactive play written and performed, by prisoners to highlight how easy it can be to fall into a life of crime and become sentenced to prison. They were also able to speak to some of the prisoners, each of whom gave the message that it had been their choices that had led them to their current situation.

The idea of ‘choices’ was a recurring theme throughout the visit: how the choices we make now can have a serious impact on our future lives. All students behaved impeccably and certainly gained much from the visit: it really was a unique and thought provoking experience for all concerned.