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Impact Sefton Secondary Pupil Referral Unit

Dyslexia Awareness Day was a welcome change to writing for some pupils. Pupils put down their writing pens and engaged in discussion and activity based exercises. For some pupils, this provided a springboard from which they could share their daily frustrations and difficulties. For others, greater awareness and respect for dyslexia evolved.

Competition Time.
Pupils were initially asked to reveal the names of famous faces. The competitive element to this engaged all pupils who did not initially know that the famous faces they were racing to identify were of people who experience dyslexia on a daily basis.

How Does It Feel?
A year 8 pupil stated, “unless you have it, you don’t know how it feels.” This statement provided endless discussion within the group and led to the viewing of a short animated film that follows a young dyslexic boy and the daily struggles he faces. This animation can be found at.

What do we know?
Pupils ended the session by producing a poster which highlighted their thoughts and feelings relating to dyslexia. Pupils were encouraged to produce a piece without words as a way of demonstrating to others that dyslexia can prove a struggle when not fully appreciated by others. The posters produced highlighted a good understanding from the pupils as they were able to recognise that frustration, lack of confidence, self-doubt, sensitivity to criticism and behavioural problems are just some of the difficulties faced by dyslexics today.


A Powerpoint presentation is available in our Newsletters section.