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Impact Sefton Secondary Pupil Referral Unit

Updated July 2021


Art and Design Key Stage 3
In Art and Design at Key Stage 3 it is important to give pupils an overall feel for this subject and enable them to become creative and reflective practitioners, equipping them with the skills they will need if they continue at KS4.
At KS3 pupils will be encouraged to:

  • Work from first-hand observation: This could include taking inspiration from the work of others, drawing on personal experiences, drawing on imagination in response to stimuli, or using first-hand observation to record images, sounds and ideas in visual and written forms.
  • Make purposeful images and artefacts: A clear sense of purpose, whether from an externally set brief or the pupil’s own intentions, is key to the quality of the learning experience.
  • Draw to express: This could include drawing: to create and invent (e.g. to visualise, dream and imagine); for perception (e.g. to observe, investigate, contemplate, remember); to explore ideas and possibilities; to design for pleasure; or to communicate feelings, experiences and ideas to others (e.g. visualise, use codes and symbols). Pupils could work with a wide range of tools and materials (e.g. erasers, pens, string and wire) and learn a range of drawing techniques (e.g. collage, animation and wash), using different kinds of drawing for different purposes.
  • Research and investigative skills: Pupils should demonstrate the intelligent use of sources, including using the internet positively to find and extract information, inform purposeful enquiry, develop analytical skills and make progress with ideas. Pupils should be able to communicate understanding in written, visual and practical forms to a range of audiences.

Key Stage 3