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Welcome to the Maths Department
Updated 29/10/15


Here at Impact we run two different Mathematics courses. They are:

  1. GCSE Linear mathematics
  2. Functional Skills
The Courses in more detail:
  1.  GCSE Mathematics:  This consists of studying Number, Algebra, Geometry and Statistics. These areas make up the full syllabus that is studied in years 10 and 11. At the end of Year 11 two exams are taken, Paper 1, (non calculator paper) and paper 2, (calculator paper). The scores from the two tests are put together to give an overall grade.
We offer both Foundation level papers and the Higher level papers.
  1. Functional Skills: These exams are taken separately to the GCSE exams and are studied for within the academic year. They can be taken at different levels to suit the pupil, usually from entry level 1 to level 1 and up to level 2.
Functional Skills is based around using everyday practical maths where the pupil decides on the appropriate method themselves. It also encourages good communication skills.

Exam changes for Year 10 Exam 2017.  New GCSE Linear Paper 1,2 and 3.  2 Calculator papers and 1 non calculator paper.
  • Maths teaches your brain to think accurately and carefully.  Think more logically and make better decisions in life.
  • Maths qualifications will allow you a wider choice of exciting careers
  • The better you are at Maths, the easier you will find science, construction,carpentry, ICT,Music and many more career opportunities.

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