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Impact Sefton Secondary Pupil Referral Unit

Updated 28/10/15

At the Assessment and Reintegration Centre, students follow an individualised programme to enhance their literacy skills and enable them to rapidly progress in English. A comprehensive series of tests by the Sefton S.A.I.S. team pinpoints strengths and areas for improvements which are then added to the IEP. A short whole school Literacy booster session each day underpins work in English, followed by individual tuition for those who require it. All pupils now work towards AQA Unit Awards in Basic Literacy skills for life and the 'Reading for Information' Unit Award and 'Reading for Pleasure'. Students are given targets from baseline assessment and Key Stage Two attainment. Within twelve weeks most of the students return to mainstream school having made good or outstanding progress.  Each pupil is reassessed every 6 weeks and progress tracked and monitored rigorously in reading and spelling.

The Key Stage Three English curriculum covers both modern and pre-1914 literature, study of two Shakespeare plays plus stories and poems from seminal World Literature. We also enable our learners to read widely for enjoyment. During the Key Stage, learners continue to build their vocabulary, make inferences and read critically. This term pupils have been able to use their critical skills to further develop reading through the study of the novel 'Wonder'.They learn how to redraft and edit their work, with close attention to grammar, punctuation and spelling reflecting the weekly subject specific spelling focus. Students also participate in a range of Speaking and Listening activities, including debates.

For students moving on to Key Stage Four at IMPACT, their learning prepares them for qualifications at Cambridge iGCSE,  For our learners who return to mainstream, the depth and breadth of knowledge gained enables them to work fully within curriculum demands.

The English Department, which works across both key stages, is a highly experienced and committed team of qualified specialist teachers and support workers working with an equally experienced and qualified team of LA advisory staff.